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[Intro] It's gon' get nasty ...yes [Hook] Meme machine Meme machine I’m a motherfucking meme machine Meme machine Meme machine Without ...

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Frozen Hearth
Welcome to Frozen Hearth, the annual winter holiday celebrated by Devidae all across the world! Held during the middle of winter and its solstice, Frozen Hearth is a celebration of kindness, warmth, and hope. It's not rare to see Devidae of all ages giving gifts to each other and taking part in fun activities around their respective homes!
At the end of the festival each town gathers around a large bonfire in their town center, the Frozen Hearth itself, with Onset’s bonfire being the largest size of them all. These bonfires are unique due to using a special type of wood from the North Boreal sacred site that generates fire not from itself, but from the positive emotions of the Devidae around it. The more festive and kind a town is during the holiday the larger this fire will burn.
How will Onset fare this year? Will the Frozen Hearth burn brighter than ever before? Or will it fizzle and falter in the soft fall of snow?

During t
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Another girl in another world.

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Hacked account [DEACTIVATED] : :iconintensegirlgamer:IntenseGirlGamer

Friends? Real life friends? Who needs them when you have the internet!

Current best buddies:

No one..
NOTE: This is ONLY for members of the :iconwyngro: group!

All of these are $5! I really need the money. The sketches are quick, but the actual pictures will NOT be quick. 

Wyngling commission

Baby Wyn by Merciless-Killer
Your wyngling is staring up at the sky! Such beauty!

I can change the snouts too





Bipedal by Merciless-Killer
Galaxy wings?! Amazing!

For winged Bipeds ONLY.
I can change the snouts





Quad by Merciless-Killer
Stargazing.. isn't it amazing?




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2. Do NOT send me money until I am done.
3. These will NOT count for wyns.



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[DEVIDAE] Princess
Name: Princess
Gender: Female
Slot used: MYO 2

Princess is very energetic but elegant. She enjoys company.. just not water.

3/28Devit icon 
[BOVYN + DEVIDAE] That One Snowball
Artyom didn't like getting hit with soft ice..


I'm pretty proud of this~!


Let's count our Devits!

+3 [3 headshots]
+6 [2 full bodies]
+5 [5 gifts?]
+3 [shading]
+2 [Background]


Let's count our bips!

+2 [Headshot]
+3 [Fullbody]
+4 [Complex background]
+2 [Shading]
+1 [My bovyn]

19/25 Devit icon 



Character Credits

Drizzle belongs to :iconask-splash-sparkz:

Chimer belongs to :icondreamindragon:

Artyom (Aerinite) Belongs to me


Group Credits

:icondevidaes: belong to :icondreamindragon:

:iconbovyn: Belongs to :iconjellybirbs:
[DEVIDAE] Corvo Attano
Name: Corvo Attano
Gender: Male
Slot used: MYO 1

Corvo isn't the least bit shy, but rather.. reserved. It's hard to make friends with the weird male.

3/6Devit icon 
[A1] Pretty!
Ramune: I want to be big and pretty!


To ask go here:…


Let's count our wyns!

+1 [Bust]

[DEVIDAE] Transformed Microphone Notes
Name: Microphone Notes

Nickname: Micro

Gender: Female

Slot: Transformed


+Accessory [Eye patch]
+Goat Pupil
+Colored whites
+change headshape
+Shark teeth
+Tuft ears
+combine upgrades [Picked nubs (top) + split nubs]
+Combine upgrades [Fluffy tail + gallop tail]


Old character sheet | Demon eyeHuman versionSunsetVent |


    It was another night in the ever-free forest. A forest known to be forbidden, with dangerous creatures lurking about. If you are able to go deep enough, you'll come across a small, almost abandoned cabin but.. There was always a candle lit inside. The one who lives in the cabin was Micro. A pony who was beat down by the world, and was forced to flee here, by herself. A few years has passed since she has discovered the white void. As the name suggests, it was a void.. that was white. It could access her memories. As well as touching into different multiverses. The only portal that was open to her, was the human world. It was a strange place.. and draining as well.

    Sitting on a wooden stool, she grabbed a blue drink, popping it open. It let out a little 'hisss' as the gas dissipates into the air. It was late at night, close to 12 in the morning. She wanted to get drunk and this.. drink just randomly popped on her table. 

'A little gift for someone special~' the voice in her head hums. 'Try it.'

    Being beckoned to do so, she grabs a straw. She inserts it into the bottle, bringing her lips to the tip of the straw, and taking a sip. This took her aback as she expected this to taste like medicine.. She became addicted as she brings it up to her lips, and starts to down the blue liquid. Upon finishing it, she felt.. strange. Her stomach didn't feel right, but this was the same feeling she would get when she felt drained and needed to return to the void in the human world. She groans, dropping the bottle and getting up. she slowly makes her way to a small rift in her living room, stepping into it casually. The rift suddenly closes with a loud 'BANG', causing her to stumble forward and turn back.

    This was odd to her.. this has never happened before. Upon hearing the sound of a howling tear, she starts to freak out. Was the void just trapping her in here to kill her? What did she do? 

'Turn around you idiot!' The voice hisses out, forcing her to turn her head.

 "A new.. portal?" She chimes in, facing it. She shuffles over, staring at the tear.. It was.. different.

    The tear introduced a forest. It was tamed, shady, and pleasant. Unable to fight the urge of curiosity, she slowly steps through. She felt strange as she did so, as if her body was.. changing. Once stepping through, the tear closes in an instant, leaving her stranded in a new world. She gasps, trying to get it back. 

"Nonono! Come on you fuckers!" She yells out.

    As she moves her hooves in the air.. she noticed something.. These hooves were different. They didn't have a lot of fur on them.. just.. little hooves. She inspects them for a moment, before running her hoof through her hair. This is stopped as something hard prevents it from moving forward.. Horns?She also noticed heart-shaped nubs on the side of her face. She moves them around slightly.

"This.. isn't normal." She says to herself, moving the bottom nub under the slightly larger one.

"Where am I.." She asks herself.. Hopefully she'll understand that it will be hard.. to return home.


WOOT WOOT! I'm done~ 

Let's count our devits!

+3 [Application/full body]

3/3Devit icon 

Art by me


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